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I remember when I joined our family business. I set to work, eager to make a success of myself and help run the business. I had the enthusiasm and naivety of youth, thinking I could change the world and not realising how hard that commercial world could be.

I learnt a lot in those early years. Fundamental principles that have stayed with me: the importance of respect and trust; a sense of fairness; the need for integrity. Yet as I worked and watched and learned, I also realised the pain and loneliness that can be associated with running a business. There wasn’t much support available, and there didn’t seem to be anyone who understood what it was we were trying to do.

In time I took over the business and used the knowledge I had gained to expand and diversify the products and services offered. What had been a simple optical business quickly became a company offering high profile franchised brands at multiple locations.

Since then I have set up and run several other different companies, and worked in different countries around the world, but I have never forgotten the isolation and agony business owners can feel. And as I grew the businesses I worked with, I learnt something else as well. I learnt that I had a real passion for helping a business grow; for working with business owners and managers, helping give shape to their dreams and enabling them to reach their full potential through building a successful business. I decided I wanted to provide the kind of support and guidance that would have been invaluable to me and my family in our own business.

Michael Cotler Business Improvement Specialist

Michael Cotler

So I studied business growth and development at Cranfield School of Management, and since then I have become a registered Growth Coach with Growth Accelerator. I now offer a tailored business builder success programme for my clients, as well as providing ongoing business development support.

My philosophy is simple. I will work with you on your business. I can identify with the pain you feel; and I can suggest ways to make it go away. I work on trust and respect and an openness to ideas in a constructive way – an approach that my existing clients say is refreshing and sets me apart from others.

I have a deep-rooted sense of fairness and a willingness to share what I know, and this helps forge empowering working relationships that builds real and lasting success for the business. I am non-judgemental, I just want to identify problems and work with you as a business owner to find you the right tailored solution.

If I sound like the sort of person you could work with, and if you have the sort of situation I am familiar with, request a free consultation, give me a call or send me an email.

I’d love to talk.

Michael Cotler