Michael Cotler Business Consultancy

How we work

The process that we undertake to work together is very “methodical”.
It is split into 3 sections

  1. Initial discussion to identify where the issues within the business are affecting both you, perhaps your family, the employees of the business and then looking at the actual business itself.
  2. Once we have established what the issues are, we then go about quantifying the specific issues that are causing the most “pain”. These tend to be along the lines of Profit, Productivity, People or Purchasing. We will then determine what cost these issues are to the business and how committed you are to wanting to solve them.
  3. Finally we will work a proposal that is based on win-win (both sides MUST be happy with the outcome) as we agree to work together closely on both the business and the business owner.

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Before we can have a conversation regarding your business and before I know if I can help you, I need a bit of background information. The questions below will give me an idea of your current business challenges and how you could cope differently. I will be in touch once I have received your answers.

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